My name is Nanna Vedel-Hertz
And for as long as I can remember I have been telling stories.
This is a collection of some of the stories I am proud to have told.


I fell in love with photography around the age of 14, and I have not been able to put down my camera ever since. I have worked as a freelance photographer since I was 15 photographing everything from demonstrations to rock concerts to weddings.

My written work

So far most of my published written work is in Danish, but I will hopefully soon be able to showcase more of my written work in English
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IN PHOTOS: Everyday resilience in a Lesvos refugee camp

Photo essay about the daily life of refugees on the Greek island Lesbos. It received warm recommendations, among others from Are you Syrious “Despite these awful conditions, it is important not to minimize the resilience and agency of the people living in the camp, who are helping each other as the government and international communityContinue reading “IN PHOTOS: Everyday resilience in a Lesvos refugee camp”

I believe that Nanna will grow into one of the journalists of the future

In Nanna you will find a talented, inspiring and curious writer with the ability to turn low-interest information into vigorous storytelling


I am developing my skills in video creation. I have previously created video content for the Evakuer Moria and Skisport.dk

Blog on Cyber Warfare

I got the the assignment to create a blog on a chosen subject as part of a class on ‘digital warfare’. I chose to focus on cyber warfare, and sought to do so in a manner, that would make it as comprehendible as possible. My work on the blog got me a distinction.


I volunteered for the student radio in Aarhus Planet Mundus in 2019. I partook in the podcasts as well as edited a few episodes of both Slow News and EuroAlike.
I also managed the Website.


I collaborated with the Danish housing company KAB in creating a blog for young people seeking housing in Copenhagen. I created it from scratch along with a co-worker and with guidance from KAB’s communication department.


I have created the website for a small market taking place in Tisvildeleje, Denmark in August called Kildemarkedet.
The photos on the website are also taken by me.

I look forward to hearing from you